“Digital refers not just to the effects and possibilities of a particular technology. It defines and encompasses the ways of thinking and doing that are embodied within that technology, and which make its development possible. These include abstraction, codification, self-regulation, virtualization and programming. These qualities are concomitant with writing and, indeed, with language more generally, and, inasmuch as language, written or spoken, is digital in that it deals with discrete elements, then almost all human culture may be said to be digital.”

 Charlie Gere Digital Culture 2002, 17-18.

This a subject about the experiences of cyberculture and we will be looking to a broad range of issues and concerns which have arisen as a result of the proliferation of digitally-enabled communication, computation and media technologies and practices.

The focus of this learning assessment tasks for this subject includes the collaborative subject blog, Cybercultures. There you will find ‘the stack’, a changing, unfixed collection of topics, concepts, ideas and case studies that you will contribute to and select from in deciding the topic for your major research project.

To participate please sign up to the Cybercultures Slack page: https://cybercultures.slack.com/signup where you will find even more resources and conversations relevant to your contribution to the subject.

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