The politics and ideologies of data visualisation: A sociological perspective

Cybercultural Research Project: Second Progress Report Since my first progress account I have renamed my topic, The politics and ideologies of data visualisation: A sociological perspective. The following is an updated outline that will guide the production of a research report or digital artefact. Introductory Remarks I will employ data visualisation to mean ‘the visual representation of statistical and other […]

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What is cyberculture?

Cyberculture is the response to the ubiquitous presence and use of computers and networks in all aspects of contemporary social and cultural life, including communication, labour, education, art and entertainment, and industry among others. Cyberculture involves both the everyday experience of networked digital technologies and the representation of the many possible futures that such technologies […]

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CyberSolutions – an update of the tech that is changing our world

If you’ve read my previous post (which, to be honest, I’d totally understand if you hadn’t), you’d know that for my digital artefact I’m looking into the way that advancements in technology are being used around the world to solve important problems. This post is my place to summarise and your place (beloved reader) to understand the scope of […]

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Personal Branding Designs

As per usual with this subject, I’ve swapped topics from my original Utopia vs Dystopia in video games. A lot of people have been giving presentations on branding, and why your online persona is so important, and my mind immediately jumped to ‘Then why does no one want to pay for personal branding if it’s […]

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Cyberbullying 2.0

Originally posted on Sasha Hall:
Carrying on from my last blog post, I have had a few changes in direction for what I am going to make of my Cybercultures Research Project. I am going to write a report and convey all the information and the hard facts in an impactful way that I hope…

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